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Television & Cable Factbook

Warren Communications’ Television & Cable Factbook contains the most accurate and reliable market coverage information available for the television and cable industries. We’ve covered broadcast television since its inception and no other reference comes close to matching our comprehensive industry intelligence.

*Due to industry consolidation and declining subscriber demand the Television & Cable Factbook will be closing.  Limited copies of the four-volume 2018 Television & Cable Factbook set are still available.  

Whether you’re a sales professional, regulator, broadcaster, service provider, or anyone else doing business in this industry, you’ll benefit from the Factbook’s ability to help you easily identify new business opportunities, monitor your competition and keep up with the changing industry.

The hard copy Factbook is available in four easy access sections:

1. CABLE SYSTEMS - Listing specifics for more than 4,100 operating U.S. cable systems and 350 MSOs.

2. TELEVISION STATIONS - Covering every television station in the U.S., including station personnel, call letters, network services and coverage contour maps.

3. MEDIA OWNERSHIP - Detailing MSOs, Group Owners and the key players in the industry nationwide.

4. MEDIA SERVICES - Containing information on key industry organizations and suppliers like regulatory agencies, industry associations, consulting firms and brokerage companies.

Not Available!

Order the Television & Cable Factbook today and see for yourself why it’s an indispensable tool for you and your business. The four-volume Television & Cable Factbook set is available for discounted price of $845. Complete the order form below or contact your account representative at 800-771-9202 today.