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Communications Daily

Communications regulation

Immediate. Accurate. Current.

Communications Daily is the authoritative source for telecom regulation, legislation and policy development news.

Delivered every business day and available any time online, Communications Daily has been called “the bible of the telecom industry” by the Washington Post for our independent, objective coverage and penetrating analysis of industry developments.

What people are saying about Communications Daily
Communications Daily is THE trade publication – it's the gold standard for the most substantive, real time information on hot issues that impact my clients or potential clients.

International Trade Today

Trade compliance news

International Trade Today delivers the latest news on import regulation, legislation and market transactions that affect your business.

With more than 30 years of experience in covering trade compliance, we’ve become the essential source for customs brokers and other industry professionals looking to stay abreast of the complex international regulatory environment.

If your job depends on informed compliance, you need International Trade Today.

What people are saying about International Trade Today
ITT is one of my favorite sources of industry information. Their reporting is second to none and every story is on point. It’s one of the first emails I read to start each day with a feel for what is going on in trade, and I can’t imagine trying to do my job without this daily publication.

Washington Internet Daily

Internet policy

Washington Internet Daily delivers hard-hitting coverage of the government regulation activities around the world that will shape the modern landscape of internet commerce and communications.

In addition, readers derive insight into the business and cybersecurity issues affecting the information technology industry.

What people are saying about Washington Internet Daily
The comprehensive and timely coverage of technology policy issues in Washington Internet Daily is essential reading for all companies, trade associations, think tanks and advocates involved in this space.

Export Compliance Daily

US exporters

Detailed and comprehensive, Export Compliance Daily delivers the perfect mix of strategic developments and operational changes that allows export compliance professionals to understand what has changed, how it will impact their operations, and which products/geographies will be affected.

What people are saying about Export Compliance Daily
The publications are very informative and both the import [International Trade Today] and export [Export Compliance Daily] emails are my reading material with my 1st cup of coffee.

Consumer Electronics Daily

CE industry intelligence

Consumer Electronics Daily delivers comprehensive reporting and industry analysis that top insiders read to stay ahead of the curve in this fast-paced, fast-changing industry.

Manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and analysts inform their strategy and product decisions based on the trend reporting and insightful analysis they get from Consumer Electronics Daily.

What people are saying about Consumer Electronics Daily
Consumer Electronics Daily covers it all. No categories are too big or too small. They are on top of hot topics and well written.