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Warren Communications’ Television & Cable Factbook has been the industry standard since 1945. And we’re pleased to offer you online access to the first and only database that allows you to search telco/IPTV, cable and broadcast television providers in one constantly updated, fully searchable online resource.

Whether you’re a sales professional, regulator, broadcaster, service provider, or anyone else doing business in this industry, you’ll benefit from the most accurate and reliable market coverage information available for the television and cable industries through the Advanced TV Factbook. This digital version of our comprehensive database is continually updated and always accessible from wherever your business takes you.

Easily identify new business opportunities, monitor your competition, and keep up with the changing industry all from the convenience of your computer:

Limitless Data Searches — Combine any of dozens of keywords and parameters, including specific personnel, products, cable systems, call letters, programming services, and much, much more. Save time and money by cutting down on countless hours of research. Here’s just a snapshot of what you’ll find in our more than 1 million records:

1. CABLE SYSTEMS - Listing specifics for more than 4,100 operating U.S. cable systems and 350 MSOs.

2. TELEVISION STATIONS - Covering every television station in the U.S., including station personnel, call letters, network services and coverage contour maps.

3. MEDIA OWNERSHIP - Detailing MSOs, Group Owners and the key players in the industry nationwide.

4. MEDIA SERVICES - Containing information on key industry organizations and suppliers like regulatory agencies, industry associations, consulting firms and brokerage companies.

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