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REVERSE AUCTION price estimates released in FCC outreach to broadcasters.

VERIZON AT ODDS with Wheeler on net neutrality rules for mobile broadband.

VERIZON, T-MOBILE, AT&T among carriers filing applications to bid in AWS-3 auction.

REPACKING REIMBURSEMENT FORMS seen complicated, not incorporating feedback.

BIPARTISAN OUTREACH EXPECTED soon in House's Communications Act overhaul, with much depending on midterms. Democrats must be involved, Eshoo says.

STATE, LOCAL COOPERATION with FCC will promote common goals on broadband competition, robust 911, Wheeler tells NATOA.

MVPDs DON'T WANT DOJ instead of FCC to host carriage-deal documents on Comcast/TWC, AT&T/DirecTV.

CALIFORNIA PUC NET NEUTRALITY VOTE on submitting Title II comments to FCC seen as uncertain amid concerns about possible delay.

MEDIACOM PETITION proceeding pits small programmers and mid-sized cable against broadcasters and content companies.

'DAY OF DEATH' would follow reclassification, Pulver says: 'Forbearance sucks.'

CALIFORNIA STUDENT PRIVACY bill becomes 'first-in-the-nation law.' Some worry about confusion over implementation.

INMATE CALLING rulemaking faces opposition from local regulators.

TELECOM NOTES: Wheeler, Secretary of Labor Perez among expected speakers at tower safety workshop ... FCC 'actively working' on GAO high-cost funding recommendations, Wheeler assures lawmakers ... Better wireless workforce training key as industry densifies networks, Adelstein says ... Vodafone-related restrictions on Verizon Wireless no longer apply, FCC concludes.

MEDIA NOTES: Eshoo, Barton request GAO study on LPTV's future ... EOBC asks to intervene in incentive auction challenge ... Comcast expands live streaming, cloud DVR to X1 customers in San Francisco.

DOJ NOT LIKELY TO INVESTIGATE Amazon over antitrust allegations, say antitrust experts.

CALIFORNIA STUDENT PRIVACY bill becomes 'first-in-the-nation law.' Some worry about confusion over implementation.

GOVERNMENT NOTES: House Intelligence's Rogers fears 'political tantrums' will sink CISA in Senate ... AgeCheq's parental verification application is 'business plan,' not new verification method, PRIVO says ... Differing stances on increasing E-rate funding in replies ... Congress needs to consider RESPECT Act after SiriusXM ruling, says Free State Foundation.

INDUSTRY NOTES: Georgia Tech partners with BitPay ... Third place in tablet wars 'up for grabs' among Amazon, Asus, Lenovo, ABI Research says ... Comcast X1 customers in San Francisco can access their TV lineup on any connected screen in their home.

RADIOSHACK TOUTS REPAIR PROWESS in New York location as it gears up for holiday season.

COURTS: Evidentiary hearing in Bose-Beats patent dispute likely early May, says ITC order.

TABLETS: Third place in tablet wars 'up for grabs' among Amazon, Asus, Lenovo, ABI Research says.

SMARTPHONES: End of Chinese telecom carrier subsidies affecting smartphone pricing, demand.

BROADBAND: Bigger chunk of TV band would be available for use by white spaces devices under FCC proposal.

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS: JVC, Kenwood subsidiaries complete merger, will retain separate brands.

RETAIL: AT&T sweetens deal for tablets with data plans through bundle offers with phones.

DISPLAYS: LG delivers widescreen 34-inch UQHD curved monitor to U.S. market.

COMPANIES: Wristband fitness tracker, Toshiba Glasses to highlight Toshiba stand at CEATEC.

TRENDS: Apple share held at 13 percent for August in UK on strong iPhone 5c sales.


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