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WHEELER QUERIES VERIZON directly on decision to slow some customers' data speeds.

TITLE II NET NEUTRALITY opposed by small- and medium-sized ISPs, in letter to Commerce Department.

WIRELESS CRAMMING CONFUSING for consumers, a real problem all parties should do more to fix, senators argue.

CARRIAGE PRICING DISPUTE between TWC, other MVPDs seen not resolved by Wheeler involvement.

OLD REGULATORY REGIME no longer fits in world where consumers have more choices, Internet Innovation Alliance says.

SPRINT TRIMS CUSTOMER CHURN, gets no questions about auction, any T-Mobile deal, in earnings call.

PTO 'THRIVING,' has addressed many concerns in recent IG report, says acting head.

ITS SUPPORT OF NEXTRADIO app has given HD Radio 'traction' as it expands internationally, iBiquity COO says.

TELECOM NOTES: Three communications bills clear House Commerce Committee ... Wyden blasts 'red herring' arguments against Title II reclassification ... FCC seeks comment on AT&T/T-Mobile spectrum swaps ... FCC approves spectrum waiver sought by natural gas producer.

MEDIA NOTES: Mediacom petition for new rules for programmers put out for comment ... FCC should end cross-ownership ban, says Steinman Cos. ... SIA to seek new president this summer.

ADOBE, OTHERS HIGHLIGHT software licensing importance at Commerce Department roundtable.

GOVERNMENT NOTES: Markey introduces long-awaited student data privacy bill ... Net neutrality rules should address prioritization, Reid says; Wyden blasts 'red herring' arguments against Title II reclassification ... House of Lords calls right to be forgotten 'unworkable,' in report.

INDUSTRY NOTES: ICANN says ccTLDs aren't property, in motion to quash plaintiffs' case to acquire Iran's, others' ccTLDs ... Nearly 2 million customer records breached each day in Q2, says report ... Amazon cites e-book price elasticity as source of Hachette dispute ... Coinbase partners with Wikimedia Foundation.

NEW THIEL AUDIO CEO stresses sound, build quality, as company turns to next chapter.

BEST BUY QUIET on plans for tablets during Q4; Joly refers to 'crashing' tablet market.

COURTS: Shapiro blasts lawsuit against Ford, GM as 'cynical' bid to 'distort' Audio Home Recording Act.

SMARTPHONES: LG announces $149 premium headset for use with G3 smartphone.

INDUSTRY NOTES: ZigBee supporter Philips gives thumbs down to backing rival Bluetooth Smart Mesh platform.

RETAIL: Nyne in retail deals with Abt, Altex, Tech on the Go for Bluetooth speakers.

AUDIO: Streaming music dongle-maker Rocki inks deal with Rhapsody.


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