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IP TRANSITION means new set of challenges for emergency communications, Simpson says.

COLLEGE STATION FINE reduced in consent decree. More understanding of student-run operations needed at FCC, attorney says.

PUBLIC SAFETY faces host of opportunities, challenges as IP transition continues, officials say.

CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE CYBERSECURITY hurt NIST framework, related federal programs, should be reduced in scale, GMU's Mercatus Center says.

TELECOM NOTES: Wheeler says libraries need to offer fast broadband connections ... Coordination issues loom large before and after AWS-3 auction, T-Mobile official says ... FCC can't back down on spectrum aggregation rules, RWA says ... Washington state regulators investigating E911 outage.

MEDIA NOTES: ALJ grants GSN request for more discovery ... Comcast/TWC deal is bad for content companies, union employees, says WGAE ... MMTC wants one-month extension for multilingual EAS comments.

PHARMACY GROUPS SUPPORT proposal for 'policy advisory boards' to regulate new gTLDs, in ICANN comments. Registries, others disagree.

AGENCIES: FTC seeks comment for mobile security report.

INTERNATIONAL: Council of Europe approves human rights guide for Internet users.

SMARTPHONES SIGNIFICANTLY CHALLENGED by increasing demands on battery life, says ABI Research.

3D NAND PILOT PRODUCTION to begin on SanDisk joint venture manufacturing line in Japan late next year.

ALL FUTURE B&O STORES to feature new concept design, CEO says.

MICROSOFT MUM ON SALES of Xbox One, as Sony says PS4 sales passed 7 million.

AUDIO: New mid-level receivers first to support HDCP 2.2 copy protection, Onkyo says.

CAPITOL HILL: Incentive auction design shouldn't allow carriers to 'exploit' it, FCC chief tells House Democrat.

COMPANIES: Dolby scraps New York mobile audio demo, citing scheduling conflict.

ADS & PROMOTIONS: Nielsen partnering with video ad platforms to test mobile ad measurement solution.

VIDEOGAMES: Sony sold Square Enix shares for about 15.3 billion yen, according to SEC filing.


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